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Updated F.A.Q [Please Read]

Mon Jun 5, 2017, 5:28 PM by Pyroglifix:iconpyroglifix:
Exclamation by Drawn-Mario Important Updates below!

This F.A.Q will be updated if it ever needs to be, and the thumb will be posted at the bottom of every new Journal.

New * by Kittyrocker Frequently asked questions:

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "Can I join?"
tick by DiegoVainilla Yes! We would love for you to join. We hope our group can help artists gain an audience. We also hope to become one of DeviantART's largest groups.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "Where is the Join button?"
* by Kittyrocker With our current layout, it's on the left side of the page. On mobile, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click  'To Desktop Site' where the page will be displayed as it is on a computer.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "I accidentally submitted my art to the wrong folder! What do I do?"
* by Kittyrocker Click on your deviation [you can do this from your gallery] and scroll down to where it shows what groups you've put your deviation in. If you put your mouse over this group, a pencil icon should show up. Click that, and click Remove.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "Is there a limit on how much I can post here?"
* by Kittyrocker DeviantART's Staff have set a Global Limit of 10 Deviations per day, per Deviant, per Group.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "When I report a rule breaker of thief to the admins, what will happen?"
* by Kittyrocker When you find a rule breaker or art thief, be sure to report them to the admins by sending the group a note with details and evidence. They will then be banned from Art-Acceptance, so they will no longer be a bother.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "What if a folder I'm submitting to is full?"
* by Kittyrocker Tell us by commenting on the page, so we can mark the folder as full and make another one.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "Why was my art rejected?" / "Why was I banned?"
* by Kittyrocker On the off chance that your art was rejected, it was because it broke the rules. And that means you ignored the rules. If you were banned it means you were doing something you shouldn't be. E.g stealing art, spamming, posting hate art, or harassing members or admins.

Please Note: You will not be banned for accidentally submitting unfiltered mature content. It will simply be voted out, and you can resubmit. You will be banned however, if you submit unfiltered mature content to other folders to get around the voting process.

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "What if my Mature Content is not very bad?"
* by Kittyrocker It still needs the filter to be submitted here. We want it to be a person's choice to view Mature Content, so we don't get any complaints. Larger Blinking Text Cursor by neripixu

Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara "I don't like the amount of Deviation notifications! How can I fix this without leaving the group?"
* by Kittyrocker Please don't leave the group because of the notifications. They come as a single stack that can be deleted, but this is how to turn them off: Click Watching, uncheck the box that says Deviations and click Save.

New * by Kittyrocker Tiny Question Emoticon by Gasara Know the difference between a full folder and you hitting the individual submission limit. If you've submitted 10 to the group in a day, it won't let you submit more until the next day. A full folder will mention 1000 deviations.

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Why didn't you accept my request?
We do not affiliate with Hate groups or Pornographic groups
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Read This, It's Not As Long As It Looks

Rules + Notes + Points Page

Note Bullet F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl

Have a suggestion for new folders we need, or for an event we should hold? Don't be shy, send us a note!

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We have a chatroom!


:bulletblue: FILTER MATURE CONTENT. Unfiltered Mature content will not be allowed in the gallery.

:bulletblue: No hate art OF ANY KIND. You will be banned from the group if you take advantage of the automatic acceptance to spread hate.

Things to Note

:bulletblue: Please don't advertise in the comments section on this page. Instead, try putting an ad in the 'projects' forum, where it will get more attention.

:bulletblue: Please be considerate when posting deviations that flash. Think of our epileptic deviants out there.

Want to donate points to help out the group? Look at this page! Art-AcceptanceFund


Sketch by Shiyatsu Sketch :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 4 0 Caeldori by NOPEYS Caeldori :iconnopeys:NOPEYS 359 18 CM: Speranza (OC) by martaino CM: Speranza (OC) :iconmartaino:martaino 119 19 Finished Concept - Shading by Shiyatsu Finished Concept - Shading :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 7 0 Marilyn Monroe by Intemark Marilyn Monroe :iconintemark:Intemark 20 3 Lepe by ZaraaLeanne Lepe :iconzaraaleanne:ZaraaLeanne 37 7 Purple by ZaraaLeanne Purple :iconzaraaleanne:ZaraaLeanne 45 8 Spread Your Wings by ZaraaLeanne Spread Your Wings :iconzaraaleanne:ZaraaLeanne 32 15 Eye by Shiyatsu Eye :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 5 0 What Does The Fox Hunter Say?! by WarnerRepublic What Does The Fox Hunter Say?! :iconwarnerrepublic:WarnerRepublic 10 48 Stefan by Intemark Stefan :iconintemark:Intemark 5 0 Eye - WIP by Shiyatsu Eye - WIP :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 4 0 Finished Concept - WIP by Shiyatsu Finished Concept - WIP :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 3 0 Finished Concept - Sketch by Shiyatsu Finished Concept - Sketch :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 7 0 All Concepts - Sketch by Shiyatsu All Concepts - Sketch :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 6 0 Concept 4 - Sketch by Shiyatsu Concept 4 - Sketch :iconshiyatsu:Shiyatsu 1 0


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luodan Featured By Owner 39 minutes ago  Professional General Artist
Join Chinese-Literature Group and make us big!


:bulletorange:Chinese-Literature 中文文学::dygel:
Bullet; GreenImitation Pre-tang poetry - 仿古体诗/仿古风/仿古诗(含三言、四言、五言、杂言古诗)
Bullet; GreenFive-character quatrain - 五言绝句
Bullet; GreenSeven-character quatrains - 七言绝句 
Bullet; GreenFive-character regulated verse - 五言律诗(含五言排律)
Bullet; GreenSeven-character regulated verse - 七言律诗(含七言排律)
Bullet; GreenLong tune - 长调/慢词(91字以上)
Bullet; GreenMiddle tune - 中调(59-90字)
Bullet; GreenShort tune - 短调/小令(58字以内)
Bullet; GreenFree verse - 自由诗/新诗
Bullet; GreenProse - 散文
Bullet; GreenFiction - 小说
Bullet; GreenScreenplays - 剧本
Bullet; YellowGroup-Related - 与组相关的 
(Chinese Characters writing works/ 汉字作品)

Personal original Chinese-Literature.

:megaphone: :community:
If you love Chinese characters and support the original writing works, WELCOME to joining us, even if you do not have a Chinese-Literature works.:w00t:

*How to join:

Chinese-Literature Group's URL 中文文学俱乐部链接:Chinese-Literature.deviantart.…
You can join our group. We will accept everyone! You don't need to have a lot of watchers or pageviews, but you have to submitting with a original Chinese Literature writing-works by own.
Click on 'Join our group' to become a member. good enjoy.
点击'Join our group' 成为我们的成员,尽兴。

Welcome to  submitting your work to the Chinese Literature gallery. Let us see some great Chinese Literature writing-works!

Contributors to the appropriate category folder.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a very nice day!
:sun: :onfire:
Let Chinese Characters bloom Charm!:weed::llama::weed::weed:
Learning Chinese has opened a new world for you, a world which you have never realized before!

Appreciate writing-works.
Experiences with each other.
Common improve.

:groups: on :devart: Chinese-Literature.deviantart.… :iconchinese-literature: Chinese-Literature :hexentanz:
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Is anyone checkin the pending submissions? I have a picture waiting for approval for a week now
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i think the oc folder is full.
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Walking pink thing.
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